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Biden Administration Celebrates Latest LGBT ‘Holiday’ by Unintentionally Posting the Most Convincing ‘Homeschool Ad’ Ever


If the Biden administration is trying to restore American parents’ confidence in the public school system, they sure have a funny way of showing it.

Nowadays, one of the most significant causes of concern — and perhaps the deciding factor for most parents pulling their children out of public schools — has been the increasing woke indoctrination from the public school system, especially in regard to the ever-prominent LGBT agenda.

And how is Biden’s Department of Education handling the increasing wariness of parents toward the public school system?

By releasing on social media a video celebrating another made-up LGBT holiday, of course.

The “holiday” in question is the “Day of (No) Silence,” which, according to the LGBT activist group GLSEN, is an act of protest dating to the 1990s, when students went the whole school day without saying a word as a means of protesting the “harassment” and “discrimination” of LGBT students.


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The video, therefore, celebrates this manufactured holiday on Friday with an appearance from a “nonbinary” educator.

Addressing the educator with the nonsense honorific “Mx.,” the video shows Eddie Donato — an elementary-school library paraprofessional — explaining why this celebration is so wonderful.

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According to “Mx.” Donato, “I want kids to be able to see themselves in books that are just about, you know, going to the park with your family.”

Turning toward the camera with a terribly unsettling smile, Donato continued, saying that students are getting “that sort of information that they may not be getting in the classroom.”

Donato then keeps proclaiming the wonders of “representation” by saying: “To be be visible in a school setting is to give that mirror for somebody else to say it’s OK for me to be visible as well.”

Whatever the Department of Education is trying to accomplish on social media, it clearly doesn’t work.

Through early Friday afternoon, not only had the post received only 23 likes to 560 comments, but nearly all of the commenters responded negatively to the message being sent.


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One user commented: “Thanks for this PSA of why we should abolish the Department of Education,” while another echoed the sentiment, commenting: “Homeschool ad.”

Cheeky as the comments might have been, they did nod toward a growing trend in U.S. education  — namely, as reported by Axios, that home-schooling has experienced exponential growth in the wake of the COVID pandemic.

Citing reasons from bullying to crime to the indoctrination seen in this video, more and more parents — having seen firsthand what their children were learning during the pandemic — have completely lost faith in the public education system.

The sight of this wokeness getting promoted by individual schools was bad enough, but it is even worse seeing it promoted by the federal government.

Regardless of what education choices parents make, Christian and conservative parents must be constantly vigilant about what has been going on in their children’s schools.

Because if those schools are anything like the school shown in the Department of Education’s video, they will turn their children into good little leftists before their parents are even aware it happened.


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