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Bloom Health Club: Celebrity tutor talks homeschooling trend


TAMPA (BLOOM) – Bloom Health Club is thrilled to host Tiffany Sorya, the Founder of Novel Education Group, on this episode of our digital show. Sorya, a pioneer in the realm of elite homeschooling, brings her invaluable insights to our audience, shedding light on why homeschooling has become the preferred choice for high net worth, high profile, and discerning parents globally.

Tiffany Sorya

With the Novel Education Group at the forefront of revolutionizing educational approaches, Tiffany Sorya’s expertise offers a fresh perspective on learning outside traditional school settings. Her agency is renowned for crafting customized curriculums that cater to the unique needs of each student, ensuring they are not just educated but transformed into more effective learners.

The episode will dive deep into the reasons behind the rising trend of homeschooling, the decline in the perceived value of higher education, and the necessity of purpose-driven learning paths for those without college aspirations. Additionally, Sorya will explore the distinctive characteristics of Gen Z and Gen Alpha compared to millennials, emphasizing the need for education to evolve in response to increased anxiety levels and unparalleled access to information.

Key Discussions with Tiffany Sorya:

  • The Surge in Homeschooling Popularity: Analyzing the factors contributing to the growing preference for homeschooling among affluent and discerning families.
  • Cultivating Effective Learners: Strategies for developing a personalized learning experience that engages and empowers students.
  • Rethinking Higher Education’s Value: A discussion on the shifting landscape of education and the critical role of purpose in the absence of traditional college routes.
  • Generational Shifts in Learning: Understanding how the unique challenges and opportunities faced by Gen Z and Gen Alpha necessitate an evolution in educational practices.
  • Democratizing Homeschooling: Debunking the myth that homeschooling is exclusive to the wealthy and famous, and highlighting its accessibility for all families.
  • The Need for Educational Innovation: The importance of modernizing educational systems to meet the changing needs of society.

Join us for this enlightening episode with Tiffany Sorya on Bloom Health Club, where we delve into the transformative world of homeschooling. Learn how embracing this modern educational approach can support your child’s journey towards becoming an effective learner and a well-rounded individual.

Tune into Bloom Health Club streaming LIVE AT 2PM via the Bloom TV Facebook page and YouTube, and catch the podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube shortly after.


Novel Education Group is an elite homeschooling, private tutoring and academic enrichment agency that provides a full- service, flexible, and customized curriculum for students from grades Kindergarten through Twelve.  Novel Education Group’s clients include international business leaders, tech moguls, professional athletes, renowned artists, royals and celebrities, including Kylie and Kendal Jenner, Dr. Dre’s children Andre and Nicole, Ireland Baldwin, Los Angeles Supreme Court Judge Virginia Keeney, and Princess Nouf of Saudi Arabia. Founded in 2014, Novel Education Group provides U.S. accredited courses anywhere in the world, allowing students to tailor their schooling experience to fit their individual goals.  Students may enroll in full- time homeschool, pursue highly specialized interests, and complete enrichment programs with educators dedicated exclusively to each student. Novel Education Group, which is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, has also partnered with the renowned college consultancy, Command Education, and the top ranking online private school, Laurel Springs.

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