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Gurgaon man’s post on Rs 30k school fees, 10% annual increase baffles netizens | Gurgaon News

The escalating cost of education has become a pressing concern for parents, prompting a reevaluation of whether it remains a necessity or has transformed into a luxury. Udit Bhandari, a real estate consultant from Gurugram, who expressed his frustration over his son’s exorbitant school fees , which increase by 10% annually without any justifiable explanation from the school authorities.When objections are raised, the school casually suggests seeking alternative options.
Mr. Bhandari posts on social media platform ‘X’, His son currently in Grade 3 at a well-known CBSE school in Gurugram, currently pays a monthly fee of Rs. 30,000. If the school maintains its 10% annual fee hike, Mr. Bhandari estimates that by the time his son reaches Class 12, the annual fees will have skyrocketed to approximately Rs. 9,00,000.

The post quickly gained attention on social media, with numerous parents facing similar challenges expressing their opinions in the comments section. One individual shared their experience with DPS, stating, ‘ Same here with DPS. You can’t object to anything. 10% hike every year, books with inflated MRP they even provide stationery and you can’t buy it from outside. They change dress, shoes every year so nobody can use their old one.’
Another parent mentioned that their friend’s daughter, who attends an International Board school in Bangalore, is currently in class 2 and pays annual fees of around Rs. 8 lakhs, including food and transportation. The school increases the fees by 10% every year, with an additional 20% hike when the student progresses to certain grade levels. The parent’s friend anticipates that by the time their daughter reaches class 12, the annual fees will have risen to a staggering Rs. 35 lakhs.
In response to the growing concerns, some individuals compared school fees with luxury package . One suggested, ‘Still better than Gurgaon builders, inflating prices every quarter with a similar set of amenities packed in new ‘luxury’ package ?? ‘Homeschool your kids. Most schools are useless anyway,’ while another replied ‘Same here…something serious needs to be done…. Private schools are turning into mafias. They do as they wish…’
These comments highlight the need for parents to explore various educational options and potentially unite to address the issue of rising school fees collectively.

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