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Hall Pass Learning Solutions Soars as Educational Empowerment Takes Center Stage


Hall Pass Learning Solutions was established by founder Aviva Moore EdD in an effort to provide innovative learning programs. Her deep-seated commitment to prioritizing children and their needs has led to her mission of revolutionizing education.

The core ethos of Hall Pass Learning revolves around individualized, customized education, a stark departure from the conventional one-size-fits-all approach prevalent in traditional educational systems. Aviva emphasizes the fact of today’s education, “Often educators have been challenged by historical systems that limit their ability to successfully listen to and engage all students.” This commitment to listening and adapting to the needs of students and families sets Hall Pass apart in an industry often dictated by institutional norms. 

Within its initial years, Hall Pass Learning experienced exponential growth, with a staggering 400% increase in its third year of operation. The rapid success can be attributed to its unique educational marketplace model. This model connects families with expert tutors tailored to their specific needs, ensuring a perfect fit for each student. 

The process for enrolling is quite simple. The parents get on a call with Aviva Moore to understand the needs and requirements of the child. “Whether the child needs academic support, remediation services, after-schooling, support while home-schooling, or someone to meet with during the school day, we are here for them!” states Aviva. These children are also encouraged to ask their “superhero questions,” during the interview process to promote active participation from the child even in the initial stages. “Oftentimes students will show up, and the tutor will expect that they’re doing a reading excerpt, but the student will say, ‘I need help with this paper.’ And the tutor takes the right turn and responds to the student’s actual needs.” 

However, Hall Pass Learning does not only cater to academic support; but enables students to become self-advocates and lifelong learners. Aviva underscores, “We want to give the students a voice, teaching them self-awareness, and advocacy, while using those skills to set them up for the rest of their lives.”  

Early on Aviva Moore realized that the tutoring industry was a 2-sided marketplace, with the need to secure a student for a new tutor quickly, and a tutor for a new family. This was a business aspect they had to learn while working in the field due to their newness in the industry. However, it was a fun and challenging experience to navigate.  

The hallmark of Hall Pass Learning’s success lies in its dedication to bridging the gap between traditional education and personalized learning. Aviva visualizes a world where students in the future are filled with the confidence to voice their curiosity and experience joy in learning. “This can only be done by increasing the breadth and depth of educational and experiential activities,” she explains.  

As Hall Pass Learning continues to expand its reach and impact, Aviva Moore remains committed to providing comprehensive educational support to families, educators, and school leaders. Aviva is eager to share her experience and educational philosophy across all domains of the education sector through tailored consulting programs.  

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