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Homeschool Mom Criticized For Not Understanding Child’s Phonics Lesson

Homeschooling is no easy feat. Suddenly you have to be your child’s parent and their teacher. Many parents would readily admit they could — or would not — not do it.

One mom who was preparing to homeschool her daughter found the workbook she would be using to be a bit too difficult for even her to understand. However, when she posted her confusion on TikTok, she drew immense amounts of criticism.

A mom who planned on homeschooling her daughter faced criticism for not understanding her phonics lesson.

She faced the ire of fellow TikTokers after demonstrating that she did not understand the phonics lesson she was going to teach her young daughter. In a video, the woman, Jared H. Melendez, showed viewers her daughter’s phonics workbook. 

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The problem was a simple one. “Find two words on each train that end with the same sound. Circle them. Then write the letter of the ending sound in the caboose,” the book instructed. Above the directions was a heading that read “matching ending consonants,” providing a clue as to what the page was about.

Below the directions was a set of trains broken into four parts. The first three parts had small pictures in them, while the fourth was blank. For example, the first train featured pictures of a rug, horse, and flag.

Melendez was insistent that none of the pictures made the same ending sound. “I’m over here trying to be a homeschool teacher and I don’t even understand it myself,” she said. “What the [heck] am I doing wrong?

Homeschool Mom Criticized For Not Understanding Child's Phonics LessonPhoto: – Yuri A / Shutterstock

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