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How to score high in the NEET: Insights from top scorers


The NEET exam is a highly competitive gateway to a career in healthcare. With the 2024 exam approaching fast, aspiring medical professionals are likely feeling the pressure to perform. This article, authored by Dr. Kalpana Gangaramani, founder & MD of Target Publications, Pvt. Ltd offers invaluable insights garnered from top scorers. Dr. Gangaramani outlines a strategic last-minute study plan designed to maximise your chances of success.

This article explores the value of prioritising mental health, efficient time management strategies, and how mock exams can be your go-to tool for overcoming test day anxiety. You will have no trouble reaching your NEET objectives if you use a customised strategy and heed this professional advice.


With the NEET 2024 exam just around the corner (roughly 20-25 days away), aspiring medical professionals must craft a winning last-minute strategy. Here’s how high scorers tackle this final stretch: prioritise consistency. Don’t procrastinate! Dedicate a minimum of 8 to 10 hours per day, dividing them wisely across the three subjects: Chemistry, Physics, and Biology.

To maximize your score, focus on frequently tested topics within the NCERT curriculum. Remember, strategically planned revisions and focused practice are significantly more beneficial than quickly absorbing a large amount of material. Let’s break down this strategy in more detail to develop a customized plan for NEET success.


While aiming for 14 hours of daily study, strategic breaks are crucial. Schedule short breaks (5-10 minutes) every 2-3 hours. Utilize these breaks for relaxation – light stretches, deep breathing exercises, or listening to calming music. Alternatively, connect with loved ones! Have positive conversations with family or friends who will uplift and motivate you in this period.

Avoid negativity at all costs. During NEET prep, surrounding yourself with supportive individuals is essential. Exam stress can quickly erode one’s self-confidence.

Negative comments like “you won’t crack it” or “it is not that easy” can be incredibly damaging. Parents play a key role by fostering a positive and encouraging environment. Remember, your emotional well-being is just as important as academic preparation for NEET success.


In the final 3 days before the NEET exam, less is often more. Give up the desire to spend a lot of time cramming. Over three hours of study time can work against you, increasing tension and perhaps causing knowledge overload. This “blanking out” phenomenon is surprisingly common among stressed students. So, what do high scorers do differently?

They prioritise relaxation during these crucial days. Limit active studying to 4-5 hours, focusing on quick chapter reviews.

The real secret weapon for NEET success lies in taking numerous mock tests throughout your journey preparation. Don’t underestimate the power of practice! Practising past exam papers from the last 10–11 years is a powerful strategy to boost your exam performance. Mock tests not only sharpen your time management skills and boost accuracy but also desensitise you to the test format. Stepping into the actual exam hall becomes a familiar experience, minimising test anxiety and maximising your potential for peak performance.

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Apr 13, 2024

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