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Letters: Insurance solution | Education begins at home

An insurance solution

Florida’s property insurance crisis has become a homeowner’s nightmare. Premiums continue to increase with limited competition in the market.

It’s time for Florida to take action. Florida should end Citizens Property Insurance Corp. as its insurer of last resort and establish competition for new and existing companies.

The state should remove hurricane loss claims from homeowners’ contracts and move claims to the state for processing and payment for homeowners who buy a supplemental policy from a new state-funded claims program. Claims will be processed by the state, which will oversee approved contractors and repairs to reduce fraud and consumer complaints. It would function like the national flood insurance program, funded by a special premium on homeowners.

This would promote competition in the Florida marketplace while reducing the burden of high premiums and threats of policy cancellations. The state can attract mainline insurance companies from around the country, set caps on rates not to exceed the national average, and continue to flourish as a premier destination for people relocating from throughout the United States.

It is time for the Legislature and the governor to make real changes to Florida’s homeowner insurance program to slow or stop the exodus of homeowners from the state because of runaway homeowner insurance premiums.

Scott Schneider Delray Beach

Education must happen at home, too

Being a preschool director in Orange Park, I have found the importance of family engagement in children’s education, particularly starting in a preschool setting through elementary school, has been underscored by a study published in 2020 titled “Family Engagement in Schools: Parent, Educator, and Community Perspectives.” The study suggests that the extent to which families are involved in their child’s learning experiences, both at home and in school, is a strong predictor of the child’s success.

Family engagement takes various forms including building relationships with teachers, participating in school activities, and fostering a conducive learning environment at home. These factors have been found to contribute significantly to a child’s academic achievement and overall development, especially in the critical years of preschool and elementary education. The study further emphasizes the role of parents and educators in creating inclusive opportunities and fostering open communication. It encourages parents to take an active role in their child’s education, fostering a shared responsibility for the child’s academic outcomes.

In conclusion, I believe parents’ involvement in their child’s preschool education is not just beneficial, it is essential. The reason is that this action fosters a nurturing learning environment and sets the stage for the child’s future academic success. The insights from this study reinforce the need for a combined effort from parents and teachers to stimulate family engagement in children’s early learning experiences.

April Turner Orange Park

Shorten pointless words

One of my favorite books is Edwin Newman’s “Strictly Speaking” — subtitled “Will America be the Death of English?” He celebrated direct language and clarity. He also lampooned such words as “finalize.” He called it the “verbification of nouns.” Why create a pompous-sounding “finalize” when we already have a simple and clear word: Finish.

I also remember reading an article about the Sears catalog saving over $1 million in ink costs when it was edited to remove excessive adjectives.

Many news items refer to someone speaking on behalf of a government agency or corporation as the “spokesman,” “spokeswoman” or even the “spokesperson” to appear gender-neutral. How much ink or space would be saved if the person was simply referred to as a “speaker”? It is gender-neutral, saves space, certainly makes clear the person’s role, and isn’t a tongue-twister.

Patrick J Doyle Orlando

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