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Medicine Hat couple converts school bus into home, charts course for Belize

“It’s about following your dreams. It’s about doing things that you’ve always wanted to do and not being scared to try.”

CHAT News last spoke to Nason and Pilon in July, when there was still a lot of work to be done on the bus before it was move-in-ready.

“It had gum under the seats, it was a full on school bus. So we tore it all down, right to bare metal,” Nason said.

Countless hours of work later, they turned it into what’s called a ‘skoolie’ .

“I’ve learned probably every wrong way to do everything on this bus,” Nason told CHAT News.

“I’ve been pulling my hair out sometimes.”

But that hard work has changed more than just the aesthetic of the bus.

“For me it was this journey to be a better person, be a better father, be a better partner,” Nason said.

Pilon added: “This is way out of my comfort zone for sure, but we’ve gone through a lot together. He stood by me, we’ve both been sober for 15 months and we’ve just been growing together.”

During construction, Pilon and Nason started documenting their progress on social media.

They hope to inspire people to pursue their dreams, echoing something Mel Robbins said in a podcast.

“If you’re waiting for the right time to do something, it’s never going to come. You’re never going to feel ready. It’s never going to feel right. So just jump in and do it anyway,” Nason said.

Nason and Pilon are not sure if they’ll settle down in Belize for good, or travel more, but as Nason says: “That’s why this thing has wheels.”

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