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Not too cool for school

The Krugersdorp News recently met up with some homeschoolers of the Epsilon Academic Support Centre who expressed how the home-schooling system has helped them reach their full potential.

They also shared how it is a different environment than the ordinary ‘going-to-school set-up’ and that it has helped them to be the best they can be. Most of the learners revealed that keeping your mental health in check is important.

Georgia Constantia, one of those learners, explained she left the public school system despite doing very well in academics.

“One of the reasons why I enjoy the home-school system so much is because I was able to deal with my anxiety better. I was always excelling in school but my mental health took a bit of a knock.”

Another learner Jacob Willis said he has ADHD, and as soon as he changed his schooling environment, he was able to overcome it.

“My academic record became better as soon as I joined a home-school system. The environment also caters better because I don’t have to be anxious about after-school activities when I can solely focus on academics.”

Kieran Goncalves also mentioned how while the centre is small in scale it does have it’s similarities to a traditional school.

“We do follow a timetable like others in a normal school environment and even have teachers who make sure we do our best.”

Having sat down with some homeschoolers it was clear that no matter how you learn, getting an education is all that counts in the end.

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