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Children needs options other than public school

Kudos to Mr. George Will for his commentary article in the April 4 edition of the Loveland Reporter-Herald. The title of his article is: “Arizona is a model for school choice. Naturally; Democrats aren’t happy.”

Arizona is embracing the national K-12 education’s future: school choice. Arizona has an education savings account (ESA) plan. In Arizona, ESA’s provide an average of $7,134 for parents of their child that leaves the traditional public school system. This money can be spent on other educational options, like charter schools and home schooling. Arizona spends $13,500 per each public school student. That is a savings of $6,366 for taxpaying parents.

Charter schools are non-unionized public schools. They are exempt from the pedagogical experimentation that occurs in public schools. They have brought cultural and curricular diversity to 45 states and the D.C.

My two youngest children were born in 1981 and 1983. My research regarding the public schools of the U.S. back then brought me dismay. It seems like they had become centers of political indoctrination, and their scores for teaching reading and math were frightening compared to some school systems in other countries. They were not sent to public schools. I paid the tuitions to have them educated, K-12 in private parochial school. As adults now, they are happy I did.

Larry Erickson, M.D., Loveland

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