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TRAVELSAVERS Canada Launches KORE Educational Program


TRAVELSAVERS Canada is bringing the travel advisor educational program KORE to the Canadian market.

KORE is a fully digital, self-paced curriculum designed to give new travel advisors the training necessary to set them on a path for professional success. Described as a first-of-its-kind program, its 16-module curriculum offers approximately 135 hours of study time, as well as mentorship and post-graduation placement opportunities.

American Marketing Group (AMG), the parent company behind TRAVELSAVERS and NEST, first launched KORE in the United States in 2021. Now, Canadian travel advisors can access the program too, newly updated with Canada-specific information.

“We’ve taken the gold-standard KORE program and designed modules specifically for the needs of the Canadian market,” said Steve Phillips, sr. director, education, and training.

Offering real-world insights and co-created by in-country experts, the program addresses essential topics such as airline regulations, cruise sales and compliance, and fraud protection. It also goes beyond basic travel industry training, teaching new advisors the skills they need to become successful business owners.

“What also sets KORE apart from other programs are topics relevant to today’s industry, such as technology tools and social media marketing,” Phillips added.

TRAVELSAVERS Canada is unveiling KORE at a crucial time for the travel and tourism industry in Canada, which is expected to reach $16.92 billion by 2028, according to Statista.

“As consumer demand to connect with experienced advisors increases, there’s a resurgence of untapped opportunity for aspiring travel professionals in Canada,” Jane Clementino, senior vice president and GM, of TRAVELSAVERS Canada, told TMR.

“KORE’s Canadian-specific course curriculum leverages real-world experiences with online learning in an extensive yet flexible format, making it a valuable educational tool that can be used across the board in the travel trade.”

KORE can benefit established advisors as well. “It’s perfect for… agency owners looking to brush up on important skills, learn new ones, and invest in training staff to demonstrate their commitment to continuous industry learning and growth,” added Clementino.

KORE is now open for enrollment in Canada. To learn more, visit the KORE website.

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