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Vidor High School softball teams helps family escape fire

The Orange County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office is accepting funds and items on behalf of the family. Donations can also be made on the family’s GoFundMe.

VIDOR, Texas — The Vidor High School Varsity Softball team helped a Vidor family escape a devastating house fire on Wednesday. 

12News was there to reunite the family with the young heroes who helped in their time of need. 

The entire Vidor community has been supportive of the Samuels Family after their home burned down. 

“Thank you girls so much for rescuing my kids and making sure that y’all got them all out safely,” said homeowner Jessica Samuels. 

Samuels was taking an afternoon nap along with her three-year-old when the fire started.

“And my husband and my eight-year-old, and my four-year-old were outside playing,” she said. “My eight- year-old looks at my husband and said dad there’s smoke coming out of the roof, so he ran in. That’s when he seen that the hallway closet was on fire.”

After the fire was discovered, there was a mad dash to get everyone out safely. 

Samuels didn’t know if her 12-year-old son made it home from school yet. She ran back inside to make sure her child was not in the house. 

“When I seen that I was missing a child, I ran back inside,” she said. “Well when I got to the bedrooms the hallway completely combusted, so I had to run into my bedroom and climb out the window.”

Her husband assured her that her son wasn’t home yet, that’s when the focus shifted to rescuing their animals, which includes six dogs, three cats, a fish and a turtle. 

According to Samuels, the entire softball team showed up to help. 

“Well, the coach came over and she was like here, hand me the kids, hand me the kids cause we had them up against the fence trying to just get animals out,” said Samuels.

Vidor High School senior Keaira McCurley was one of the girls who helped the family.

“The only thing we could think of was to go help with their kids,” she said.

The team took the children across the street to play.

“We brought the kids to the gym and we sat in there and played with them,” said McCurley. 

The team wanted to shield the kids from having to watch their house burn down. 

“We just wanted to get the kids to safety, keep their minds off of it and make them not worry about what was happening,” said Vidor High School senior Mallory Guilott. 

The family made it out safely, but lost their cat and turtle. 

The Orange County Constable’s Office stepped in for support. They are accepting donations on behalf of the family.

“We together, and when I say we, I’m talking about we as in Vidor,” said Precinct 4 Constable Matt Ortego. “We are coming together for this family and for these kids.”

Jessica wants to make sure her children have a safe place to stay.

“Our main thing is making sure that our children have a roof over their head,” said Samuels. “Matt Ortego has been great, he’s been helpful, the firefighters, they were amazing.”

The Samuels have another home, but it’s unavailable right now and needs renovations. 

They’re in need of flooring materials, furniture and clothing. 

You can donate money and items through the Orange County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office

You can also make donations to their GoFundMe. 

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